What relational databases do you support?
For our largest control centers, we generally use the Oracle database due to its superior features. However, Oracle can get quite expensive for smaller systems, especially for redundant server setups. The beta product of Nucleus Developer only uses the PostgreSQL database, and it is tightly integrated into the product. Future releases may include connectivity to MSSQL, or Microsoft SQL Sever, but that could be at least 6 months out. For the most part, the selection of the control system database has generally been separated from the Enterprise reporting databases, and we use a Nucleus product called the Flow Server to pass real time control system information to centralized database systems that are visible to the management and other outside entities. Currently, that service can link a local PostgreSQL control system data to both Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. Typically we do that connection through strict firewalls so the outside world remains isolated from the control system, and has access only to the historical data (a few seconds old).
Last Updated: 20 Nov 2019