What SCADA protocols do you support?
The Nucleus Developed control systems ship with internal protocol support for Allen Bradley PLCs (legacy PLC3, 5, SLC, and Compact Logix), Siemens S7 series PLCs, the General Electric PAC Systems 3xi PLCs, and connections to any PLC that can talk via Modbus TCP. The internal setup of these protocols is tightly integrated into the product and extremely simple to configure. Users can also view the bit streams passed between the control systems and the PLCs in real time. Also, since our history centers around the transportation sector, we also provide standard vital processor protocols such as GENISYS, DATATRAIN VIII, and the ALSTOM/GE LCP protocol. There are immediate plans to expand the beta release to OPC connectivity, and we are currently working on an embedded DNP3 protocol so that users can avoid OPC Servers on power systems.
Last Updated: 20 Nov 2019