How can Nucleus Command Systems compete with the more established SCADA companies?
Good question. We believe the answer lies in first downloading the Nucleus Developer and giving it an honest look. Because we've been operating in the transportation industry for 20 years, we have done many things differently. And those differences loom large in very surprisingly good ways. Our designs are original, and most solutions we have implemented are simpler and more intuitive than most industrial integrators are used to. And believe it or not, our systems are highly mature. Even though this is a beta product, we are great at developing very large systems. We'll have a video wall product soon that is incredibly simple to set up. Our Display Creator is probably superior to any in the market place. Our HMIs come with so many standard features that it literally only takes minutes to run your first HMI. Our simulation features are top of the line. We know of no other SCADA product that gives so much in one standard package. It's really something you have to try before you can answer this question.
Last Updated: 20 Nov 2019