What will be installed on my computer?
When you download and install the 1st Time Installation, the install program will create a directory on your C drive called "Nucleus_Command_Systems" and it will add an icon on your Windows desktop to allow you to easily launch the Nucleus Developer program. The 1st time install will also attempt to install the dot net 4 environment if you do not already have it installed (it is likely you do). It will also attempt to install the Crystal Reporting engine for the HMI, and the PostgreSQL database for the Nucleus Developer (and distributed control systems). You only install this 1st Time Install if you have not previously done so on your computer. For revision updates, you will select the Product Revision page and select the version that you wish to install. All users will have access to the latest revisions as they are published, and can always revert back to previous revisions if necessary.
Last Updated: 20 Nov 2019